Sixty volunteers were recognised at the Victorian Premier's Volunteer Champions Awards in 2016. The Premier’s Volunteer of the Year, Dame Elisabeth Murdoch Award 2016 was awarded to Celia Tran and Bruce Pennicott for their outstanding contributions.

Premier's Volunteer of the Year, Dame Elisabeth Murdoch Award

Bruce Pennicott

Balmoral Gardens Retirement Village Men's Shed
Change Maker

With an engineering background, and a team of men from the retirement village, Bruce designs and builds specialised mobility equipment for children with severe cerebral palsy. This makes a huge difference to their lives, at no cost to their families. Bruce works daily to source donated materials from the local community and liaising with specialists on design and function. Over 15 years, he and the team have donated over 700 chairs, 350 tables, countless paintbrushes, art boards and more!

Celia Tran

Multicultural Youth Advocacy Network, the Vietnamese Community, Western Chances and Asylum Seeker Resource Centre

Volunteering since 16 years old, Celia’s work has empowered many, including young people from marginalised and disadvantaged backgrounds. She is the youngest board member of Western Changes and sole Victorian Youth Ambassador to the Multicultural Youth Advocacy Network Australia, where she advocates for multicultural youth issues. Across many roles, Celia has led fundraising efforts and been involved in the design and delivery of youth programs that support and empower asylum seekers, and foster leadership in Vietnamese Australians.