The Service Award pays tribute to community minded people who have made persistent and selfless contributions to a community, people, groups, organisation or cause in Victoria. Nominees will be passionate and generous role models, whose reliable and dedicated commitment over a sustained period of time is an inspiration to those around them.

Please find the list of Service award winners below:

Susanne Archbold

Mornington Life Saving Club

An expert in medical education, Susanne is dedicated to teaching as many people as possible in resuscitation, first aid, spinal injury and beach management. All her lessons are entertaining, engaging and inspirational. She is renowned for her enthusiasm when teaching, meticulous organisation and ability to teach people of all ages, and from all walks of life. Without her, many life-saving patrols on the Mornington Peninsula would be unable to operate.

Tasos Bardakos

Fronditha Care, Thornbury Aged Care Facility

With daily attendance over 17 years, Tasos knows all 120 residents by name, knows their stories and enquires about their wellbeing. He noticed that the residents longed for activities they used to do in the past, and initiated the “Kafenio” activity, a Greek tradition where the men gather in a café, play cards and discuss politics over a wine. Tasos also inspired, and organises, the monthly music and dance program, with giros on the spit, including fundraising for the permanent BBQ facility.

Jean Bowes

Lord Somers Camp and Power House

Jean was instrumental in establishing the first Lady Somers Camp in 1986, has volunteered at the camp every year since – leading, mentoring and supporting hundreds of young women. For over 30 years, her involvement has been across a wide range of programs, managing volunteers, governance roles as well as supporting, training and mentoring younger members. She also works tirelessly in roles such as cooking, cleaning, providing first aid or recruiting volunteers, and always with a sense of fun.

Heather Boyle

Flemington and Kensington Community Legal Centre

For over 10 years, Heather has volunteered two days a week, with endless energy and enthusiasm, to ensure the smooth operation of the centre. She answers phones, greets clients, manages diaries, prepares files for lawyers, and keeps the office looking good. Even the angriest, most confused or frightened client will be received by Heather in a calm, polite and professional manner at all times. Though less visible to outsiders, Heather’s work forms an essential part of the organisation.

Robert Caulfield

Kidsafe Victoria

Dedicated to Kidsafe for over 20 years (including as president for seven years), Robert’s passion and expertise in home safety has been pivotal in advising on, and advocating for, a number of key design code changes to improve child safety. He has also saved Kidsafe many thousands of dollars through providing his company’s expertise on the design of Kidsafe Victoria’s new Community Support Centre at the Monash Children’s Hospital and hosting board meetings at his company’s offices.

Mervyn Goodall

St John Ambulance Victoria

Merv is the longest standing member of St John in Australia, giving 71 years of incredible service to the Victorian community. Merv has not only tended to the sick and injured at events, but provided leadership and extensive knowledge in numerous management roles, contributing to the development of many other volunteers. Since retiring from active duty he has greatly assisted with administrative duties, and historical and archival record keeping as an active member of the museum team.

Adrienne Hardy

Whitehorse City Council, Red Cross, Eastern Volunteers, Eastern Emergency Relief Network, St. Andrews and Woodhouse Grove Uniting Church, and Wesley Mission.

Over a sustained period of time, Adrienne has proven to be most reliable, trustworthy and caring. She has served meals on wheels for the past 23 years, and in addition, is extremely busy volunteering in other areas of the community through a multitude of organisations. Adrienne’s focus is on helping others, she respects clients’ privacy and confidentiality, is dependable and flexible, but her greatest skill is connecting and engaging with people, especially those who are vulnerable and or disadvantaged.


Bruce Heider

Guide Dogs Victoria

Bruce is a reliable, committed and generous soul. Over his 50 year involvement with Guide Dogs Victoria, he has raised 24 guide dog puppies that have gone on to provide every-day independent mobility and companionship for people blindness and low vision. Bruce has also contributed significantly to fundraising, with a 30 year commitment to the Collection Dog Program and playing a key role in setting up the Bendigo Auxiliary which has raised in excess of $85,000.

Jefferson Hoober

RACV Energy Breakthrough

For more than three decades Jefferson has provided inspiration and leadership skills to volunteers. An instrumental leader and contributor across a variety of major local initiatives, he is also the most renowned volunteer marshal coordinator and mentor in the Energy Breakthrough event’s 25 year history. Jefferson is a key contributor to the event’s planning and governance, with an emphasis on track management and marshalling, and provides guidance, tuition and support for other marshal groups.

David Luffman

Inclusion Melbourne

Regular and reliable for over 12 years, David has been an outstanding mentor and role model, impacting positively on the lives of adults with an intellectual disability, staff and other volunteers. David provides tailored support for people to access work experience and leisure activities, develop skills and connect with their local community. He has established trust and enduring friendships with nine clients along the way, even travelling interstate for a service user to attend their footy team’s away games.

Noela Macleod

Country Women's Association of Victoria

Welcoming, informative and inspiring, Noela has held many volunteer positions within the CWA over 40 years of service, including on the State Council for 23 years and current State Archivist. She has a particular interest in social issues which affect women, children and families, rural communities, education and health. Noela has produced six recipe books to support fundraising efforts, participates in Bunnings stalls; and is a mentor to many women who joined the organisation.

Ian Phillips

Country Fire Authority and Victoria State Emergency Service

A loyal, active and respected member for 28 years, Ian’s professionalism and support for both these emergency services has been outstanding. He has made selfless efforts, including missing holidays and birthdays, to be available for administration, meetings, training, conducting maintenance, as well as responding to calls for car accidents, fires, floods and even just false alarms. A guiding and stable member for both services, Ian has given an outstanding amount of time and dedication.

Shirley Robinson

Kilmore community

Shirley is a life member of six not-for-profit organisations, testament to her long standing service and contribution to the Kilmore community. In her 40 years of volunteering, Shirley has contributed to: fundraising, delivering flowers to patients and residents, assisting with meals, governance roles and manning the op shop. In 10 years the op shop has raised over $500,000 which was donated to the hospital. For Shirley, ‘the benefits she gets are that she is giving back to the community’.

Moira Ryde

Special Olympics Australia

Moira has a long list of achievements in providing sport and competition for people with intellectual disability, and has dedicated 23 years of her life to the Special Olympics. She has made a meaningful difference in the lives of athletes through roles including: games and team manager, coach, chairperson, treasurer, selection committee member and advisor. Moira’s contribution, knowledge, wisdom and continuing time commitment makes her a central figure within Special Olympics.

Teresa Schipano

Araluen Centre

Teresa has been volunteering for 15 years. She started out singing to people in nursing homes and hospitals, and has supported the Austin Repatriation Hospital, St. Anthony's Church, Italian Cancer Care and Heidelberg Theatre. Since starting at Araluen two years ago, Teresa has developed and runs a dynamic singing program which provides opportunities for creative expression and helps build confidence for an ageing group of people with intellectual disabilities and complex needs.

Joan Selby

Yarrawonga community

Described as ‘the best cook in Yarrawonga’, Joan has been volunteering for the past 55 years to make her rural community a better place. At St. Cuthbert’s Church, she has led catering teams for 20 debutante balls and countless fundraising events, and been president of the Women's Auxiliary and Mother’s Union for (a record) 43 years and 35 years respectively. Joan has also served on other committees for sporting clubs, schools, and guides and scouts groups.

Elaine Tisher

The Royal Women's Hospital

For over 21 years, Elaine has been a dedicated and inspiring volunteer, mainly in the oncology ward providing invaluable support to nursing, clinical and administrative staff. Her current role involves, among other things, ensuring that stores and small equipment orders are stacked neatly and efficiently. Her presence enables staff to focus on their work knowing that Elaine is taking care of 'business' behind-the-scenes. Until recently, Elaine also volunteered at Yooralla, the Melbourne Museum and River Nile Learning Centre.

Farah Warsame

Somali Community Inc.

For over 10 years, Farah’s leadership and support for the Somali community in Australia has covered roles as diverse as: tutor, community radio reporter, president of a soccer club, and now President of Somali Community Inc. and Deputy Chair of the Melbourne Employment Forum. Farah has made a major difference to his community, assisting new arrivals with settlement, education, sports, youth activities and integration, and key partner for cultural programs and festivals, community networks and advisory groups.

Frank Webber

Youth Referral and Independent Person Program

Acting to ensure the rights of young people and diverting young people away from the criminal justice system in future, Frank has supported 885 young people through police interviews when their parent/guardian has been unable to attend. While the interactions are one-off, Frank is able to establish a rapport with the young people who are often very vulnerable and experiencing great difficulties. Frank is a respected mentor and peer support for fellow volunteers.