The Teamwork Award celebrates collaboration or teamwork in support of a community, people, groups, organisation or cause in Victoria. Nominees in this category are teams of up to 10 people who have worked together on a common project or activity, demonstrating that effective or consistent group effort can achieve greater outcomes.

Please find the list of Team Work award winners below:

Port Fairy Folk Festival Committee

Bob Handby, Ann Holmes, Bruce Leishman, Shane Lenehan, Gordon McLeod, Gayle O'Keeffe, Jack Smits, Bernie Waixel, Margaret Whitehead, John Young

With dedication, professionalism and humour, this team works year round to produce the iconic Port Fairy Folk Festival, which instils pride in the town and creates opportunities for the community to contribute as volunteers and artists. Apart from the music and culture, the festival generates a positive economic impact of $9 million, and surplus funds of over $1 million that is invested back into the community through a grants program. The team supports another 1,200 volunteers who assist to produce the event each year.

65k for Cystic Fibrosis

Susan Biggar, Sue Emery, Julie Noorman, Kathy Ryan

In less than four years, these remarkable women have raised around $400,000 for Cystic Fibrosis research. All are mums of children with Cystic Fibrosis, and they are aiming for a cure. The team coordinates an annual 12 hour endurance walk fundraising event, including finding and rostering 75 volunteers, negotiating local government approvals and seeking contributions from a variety of sources. Monies raised from the first three years of the event are already funding eight research projects in Victoria.

Darebin Information Volunteer Resource Service

David Arche, James Cameron, John Coppola, Albina Dal Santo, Marie-Louise Drew, Constantine Hatzi, Violet Murphy, Susan Pinchbeck, Lina Shaaban, Pratima Sharma

This dedicated team provides intensive support to address the underlying causes of financial hardship for clients with complex and multiple needs. By providing assistance in community information, fresh food, referral to specialist services such as counselling, utility relief and material aid, they have built a strong reputation within the community. As a team they are respectful, empathetic, honest, encouraging, non-judgmental and trusting, ensuring they consistently produce positive outcomes for clients.