The Premier's Volunteer Champions Awards were created to recognise the incredible impact volunteers have across Victoria in building our communities, services, and connections.

All awardees will be honoured at a special presentation ceremony, and receive a certificate and badge. Up to 60 Awardees will be selected from the nominations.

In addition to Awards in the categories of Leadership, Impact, Service, and Teamwork, the Premier’s Volunteer of the Year, Dame Elisabeth Murdoch Award will be selected from all Award recipients to honour their significant contributions and outstanding commitment.

Nomination details will be available when Premier's Volunteer Champions Awards reopens for 2021.  

Overview of award categories

Service awards

Do you know someone who has given service to one or more organisations or causes for many years, or in many capacities? Perhaps they’re the person who always says “yes” whenever there’s a call for help, or who has helped with everything from the canteen to the committee, or perhaps they’re someone everyone relies on to keep things moving? Or do you know someone who just always shows up and does their best to help?

Impact awards

There are some people who see a problem or an issue and figure out a way to solve it, not just for themselves, but for everyone in the community. Do you know someone who has fixed a problem, facilitated a solution, or simply figured out how to deliver change, whether small or large for their organisation, sector, or community?

Leadership awards

Leaders are the people that bring others together, that set the path, that can identify a way through to solve an issue, improve a service, or connect the dots. They’re the ones that not only create change, but bring others on the journey with them. Leaders occur at all levels of an organisation, not just those in formal leadership positions! Do you know someone who has established or improved or grown a service, engaged others and built a team, or helped build connections?

Teamwork awards

Sometimes we create the most effective results by working together! Do you know a small group of people (up to 10 individuals) who have become a team to set up a project, run a service, or build an organisation? Have they created something bigger than themselves and made it stronger through teamwork?

More information

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