The Awards celebrate both inspiring individual volunteers and outstanding community organisations and programs.

Award categories

Awards for Individual Volunteers

•    Young Volunteer
This award is open to people aged 25 years and under and celebrates inspiring young people who have made a remarkable impact through volunteering.
•    Volunteer Commitment
This award recognises dedicated, passionate volunteers with a sustained and substantial record of volunteering.
•    Volunteer Leadership
This award recognises volunteers who have shown leadership and influence, and have built effective networks and partnerships, empowered others, or strengthened community.
•    Volunteer Impact
This award celebrates volunteer innovators and hard workers whose contributions have made a remarkable difference.

Awards for Volunteering Involving Organisations

•    Inclusive Volunteering
This award celebrates diversity and inclusion in volunteering and recognises organisations with inclusive and accessible volunteering practices or programs.
•    Volunteering Partnerships
This award recognises organisations who have made a significant difference by establishing or maintaining effective and lasting partnerships with other organisations, businesses, or local community.
•    Volunteering Innovation
This award acknowledges the role of innovation and adaptation in volunteering and recognises organisations delivering positive outcomes through unique volunteering programs, or new practices and operating models.
•    Grassroots Volunteering
This award celebrates small community-led organisations that have provided important local services, led positive change, or supported social and community life.

For more information please visit the Volunteering Victoria awards webpage.