The Change Maker Award celebrates people who have taken an innovative or creative approach to supporting a community, people, groups, organisation or cause in Victoria. Nominees are solutions-focused ideas people, who may have pioneered new approaches or seek positive change to make a real difference.

Please find below the winners of the Change Maker Award:

Jenna Kelley

Walking Forward Disaster Relief Team, Country Fire Authority, Red Cross and St Johns

Jenna is the founder of the Walking Forward Disaster Relief Team, which links horse and pet owners with others willing to assist during fires and other emergencies. This includes services such as horse transport and accommodation, food and vet supplies, rescue operations and free psychological first aid for individuals and communities. The Walking Forward team also established the National Equine Database which is supported by many local councils and emergency service agencies.

Jenny Kerr

Outlook Victoria

Jenny is a solutions-focused volunteer who disability support workers are continually learning from, which ultimately benefits the participants. With 35 years of experience in disability and occupational therapy, Jenny has brought new ideas and solutions for the staff to assist participants, improve communication, to access a new venue or try a new activity. She has supplied communication aid cards and created a simple sensory aid that helps calm participants – which staff now replicate.