Vinnie is a single dad of two young children and a digital marketing adviser who volunteers for Aussie Hands.


“It’s important that you feel you are contributing. You are helping people who need it, and you really get rewarded for doing that,” said Melbourne-based volunteer, Vinnie.

Two years ago, Vinnie was a full-time single father of two looking for a way to sharpen his digital skills and get back into the workforce. Volunteering gave him this opportunity and more.

Vinnie joined Aussie Hands as a volunteer web officer after seeing the role advertised on his local council website. Aussie Hands supports children and adults who have been born with a hand difference or have an acquired hand injury.

“The council put me in touch with Aussie Hands and it turned out to be a very good opportunity for me. I was really excited to be able to contribute to this important organisation,” he said.

“Initially I wanted to improve my skills in digital marketing and web development, but I found that I built my teamwork, organisation and communication skills – and made many friends as well.”

With a young family, flexibility was important to Vinnie and he encourages others to look for volunteering roles that will work for them.

“There are a lot of different opportunities out there, you can volunteer from home or in other ways that fit in with your life,” he said.

Vinnie recently got a job with an asset management company and believes volunteering played an important part in the transition.

“In the job interview, my employer was really interested in my experience as a volunteer,” he said.

While volunteering provided a pathway to a job for Vinnie, the feel-good factor of volunteering and contributing made the overall experience very rewarding. 

“If you are thinking about volunteering, just go for it, don’t hesitate!”


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