Volunteering with Intrepid Landcare allowed Beth Hamilton to gain diverse skills in a field she’s passionate about. All the while making lasting friendships with like-minded people.

After learning about Intrepid Landcare at a leadership retreat in 2019, Beth began volunteering. A key aim for the organisation is to get more young people involved in the Landcare movement.

Beth’s volunteering experience has allowed her to fulfil her passion for caring for the environment while gaining new skills.

“[Volunteering] empowers me to be able to make change in my community around environmental issues that matter to me,” she says. 

Through volunteering at Yarra Ranges and North East Melbourne Intrepid Landcare, Beth has learnt a great deal, including project management, team leadership and public speaking skills. She’s also gained technical skills including how to identify native and introduced plants.

These skills have proven useful in Beth’s work as an Environmental Project Officer in local government. “Volunteering has given me a really amazing skillset and provided heaps of working opportunities to get into my industry,” says Beth. “I don’t think I would be where I am in my career if I hadn’t volunteered in Landcare for so long.”

Volunteering has had a positive impact on Beth. It’s provided her with opportunities to make amazing connections with others, some of whom have become part of her social circle. Speaking on the benefits of volunteering, Beth says, “The most important one for me is that my Landcare group are my best friends.” 

If you're considering volunteering, Beth says “It’s definitely worth trying it out.” It’s flexible and there are lots of different ways to volunteer. If one of them doesn’t suit you, you can try something else. There’s no rule about how much you have to volunteer. You can just give what you can.”

“I volunteer because it allows me to turn my values into action.” 


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