The Victorian Government has a 2018 Election commitment to develop and implement a volunteer strategy to support and enhance volunteerism in Victoria.

The strategy will be informed by consultation with a broad range of stakeholders across the Victorian public and volunteering community. 

To ensure buy-in and support for the strategy, the consultation will seek deep insights into the challenges and opportunities for volunteers, community members, managers of volunteers and organisations.

Parliamentary Secretary for Volunteers, Anthony Carbines, will oversee development of the strategy.

Consultation open

We encourage you to share your thoughts and experiences - as community members, volunteers, leaders and managers of volunteers or community organisations, or supporting organisations. Your input will be vital to ensuring the strategy is informed by a wide variety of views.

Online consultation is open until 24 November 2019. To seek broad insights across the volunteering community, this will include:

  • Survey of volunteering leadership and support
  • Survey of community life and volunteer experiences

To provide your input, please visit the Engage Victoria consultation page

Spread the word

We have prepared communications packs - with draft news article and social media content - to help spread the word to your friends, family and networks. We want to hear from everyone, even if they have never volunteered.

You can also download the image from this page for use in your promotions.

Have your say: Victorian Volunteer Strategy

Next steps

A consultation summary will be released in January 2020. And a series of workshops in various locations across Victoria are being planned for early 2020.

Watch this space!

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