Victoria’s new Volunteer Strategy has been released. The Strategy provides a five-year plan to reinvigorate, reimagine and strengthen volunteering, in partnership with the volunteering community.

The Strategy sets out the vision and priorities for volunteering in Victoria, providing an action plan to promote, build, support and celebrate all forms of volunteering. It also focuses on opportunities for volunteering to be more inclusive, accessible, flexible, safe and enjoyable, so more Victorians can get involved, and stay connected.

You can access the Strategy on the Victorian Volunteer Strategy 2022 - 2027 website.

What the Strategy will do

Through consultation with the volunteering community, we heard that Victorians want volunteering experiences that are meaningful, empowering, supported, and inclusive. We also heard that COVID-19 has significantly disrupted volunteering,

The Strategy is designed to encourage people who have previously volunteered to return, while growing and diversifying the pool of Victorian volunteers. The Strategy also provides a guideline for practical improvements to strengthen volunteering into the future. 

This includes:

  • Supporting more flexible and inclusive volunteering options
  • Focusing on the volunteer experience and role of volunteer managers
  • Valuing and recognising the impact of volunteering, including informal and community-led approaches
  • Encouraging partnerships to maximise impact.

Strategy consultation

The Strategy has been informed by consultation with a broad range of stakeholders across the Victorian public and volunteering community. This included:

  • over 2,000 online survey responses 
  • 8 regional workshops to explore volunteering experiences, challenges and opportunities,  
  • A metropolitan workshop to test draft actions 
  • Strategic oversight from a Volunteer Strategy Taskforce

Thank you to everyone who contributed their time and experience, providing great information, for development of the Strategy. 

More information

If you have any questions or want to know more about how you can support the Strategy, please contact the Volunteer Strategy project team.