The Impact Award recognises people who have made a significant and positive impact on a community, people, group, organisation or cause in Victoria.
Jeremey Byrne

Jeremey’s passion for cricket and player involvement fires his volunteering on and off the ground. Jeremey engages superbly with people of all ages to create an atmosphere that is always supportive and fun. He brings the same encouragement and inclusiveness to everything, from organising six junior teams for Buninyong Cricket Club to coaching the first premiership winning team from the Ballarat Women’s Cricket Club. Jeremey thoroughly deserved recognition as the 2019 Community Cricket Coach of the Year by both Cricket Victoria and Cricket Australia.

Batool Moussa

Making a positive impact on social policy take a special blend of insight and understanding, not to mention dedication. Batool has these qualities in abundance, and generously provides them to Thorne Harbour Health, at the same time studying and working full time. Batool’s help developing policies on health and equality demonstrates insight beyond her years and her commitment to illuminating issues that deserve the attention of all Victorians.

Andrew Do

A leader and champion of important social initiatives, Andrew leads the Dual Identity Leadership Program and engages people on challenging topics like mental health and LGBTIQ+ generational dynamics. He coaches and mentors to draw out people’s hidden talents and helps achieve buy-in from individuals and organisations to support vital causes. Andrew’s collaborative approach, listening skills and respect enable him to engage young people and people from different communities to create ground breaking, generational change.

June Rea

Without June in their corner, the people with cognitive disabilities whom she visits at home would have a significantly reduced quality of life. Her care and tenacity over the last 16 years has helped lift many residents out of squalor by ensuring they get decent living conditions and the respect they deserve. As a volunteer for the Office of the Public Advocate, June lobbied on behalf of one particular household for a decade to make sure they received essentials like a toilet with a seat, working lights, curtains and a properly tiled bathroom without rising damp. Thanks to June’s fearless advocacy and unstoppable attitude,
many more people with a disability now have homes where they feel comfortable and safe.

Prateeti Sabhlok

A bold innovator at heart, Prateeti has transformed the sport of synchronised swimming in Victoria. She founded the Eastern Sirens Synchronised Swimming Club in 2015 and has been its president ever since, working tirelessly to grow the club into the largest in Victoria, led the first adult classes for synchronised swimmers and introduced the sport to men. Thanks to Prateeti’s
enthusiastic leadership and drive, there are now 30 per cent more synchronised swimmers in the state, and the sport is popular in many new pools and council areas.

Steven Unthank

As a volunteer ‘bush lawyer’, counsellor, mediator and researcher, Steven holds institutions accountable for protecting children. In 2008, Steven commenced action in the Magistrates Court in Victoria to force organisations to comply with Working With Children Check laws. Since then, he has continued to work with families and the government to strengthen child protection laws and is now sought-after internationally as an expert on institutional culture that adversely affects child safety. Thanks to Steven’s work, more than 150 small organisations and 2,000 volunteers working with children in the community now comply with Working With Children Check requirements.