The Teamwork Award celebrates the power of collaboration to achieve great outcomes for a community, people, group, organisation or cause in Victoria. Nominees in this category will be teams of up to 10 people who have worked together on a common project, demonstrating that effective or consistent group effort can achieve greater outcomes.

Please find the list of Teamwork Award winners below:

Sampling the Abyss

Guadalupe (Lupita) Bribiesca-Contreras, Jasmine Bursic, Asher Flatt, Phoebe Lewis

Sampling the Abyss was a sea research voyage making scientific discoveries by sampling the biodiversity of seafloor habitats off the coast of south-eastern Australia. In all, the voyage conducted 136 operations, collecting tens of thousands of specimens.

The team worked tirelessly in overlapping shifts in the processing, sorting and on-board research of specimens. The project volunteers contributed 12 hours a day for 31 days straight on a confined research vessel. Overall a contribution of 1,500 hours was made to further marine research including new species discoveries.

Cranbourne Regional Uniting Church Food Truck

Graham Astfalck, Jillian Drysdale, Christine Marsh, Charica McCormack, Bob Neal, Helga Pitzer, Roy Snook, Sharon Start, Jacqui Symonds, Cath Taylor

For four evenings a week, in all weather, the Food Truck team creates a family meal experience and a safe environment for people who would otherwise go without. They also provide additional food parcels, share information about support services, and liaise with school cookery students to prepare the meals and fundraise.

The team pool their combined skills of planning, cooking, hospitality, communications, fundraising and promotion, transport knowledge, and administration in order to bring hope and dignity to those in the community who are hungry, lonely, and often without shelter.

Sunraysia Animal Rehousing Group (SARG)

Carleen (Charlie) Bayldon, Trudie Chant, Carolyn Dufty, Nicole Thiel, Ines Wendt

SARG was formed to drastically reduce the number of stray and unwanted animals being put down. The five committee members complete a combined minimum of64 hours per week, and with support from community-based adoptions, educational programs, and fellow rescue groups, the re-housing rate has increased to more than 86 per cent of dogs and 54 per cent of cats - among the highest rates in Victoria.

Their annual Paws Walk along the Murray, Community Education Centre Training programs, Christmas appeals and Facebook presence have been instrumental in these fantastic achievements.