Supporting volunteers and Victorians through the pandemic

We Volunteer is funded by the Victorian State Government and led by Volunteering Victoria. The portal supports organisations to re-engage with their volunteers safely as Victoria recovers from the social and economic impacts of the coronavirus. 

The statewide initiative uses an online portable credentialing solution - My Pass - that provides a platform for people looking for volunteer roles to register their credentials and search for roles that meet their skills, interests, and availability. The portal allows for community collaboration and efforts to quickly match the volunteer to needs being expressed by organisations at a local level.

Volunteers deliver essential services throughout the pandemic, so it is important that are able to do so in a safe way that supports the COVID emergency response and community sustainability. 

In addition to the portal, the Victorian government has funded 13 Volunteer Support Organisations through a volunteer activation and community engagement program. The program provides organisations with practical assistance with engaging volunteers, designing volunteer roles and advice on the management of volunteers in the context of coronavirus (COVID-19).

If you are interested in volunteering to support the community or would like to learn more about volunteering, visit the We Volunteer website.