The Ministerial Council for Volunteers (the Council) was established from 2015 to 2018, to advise the Government on how best to support and strengthen the volunteer sector.

Priorities for strengthening volunteering in Victoria

The Council's priorities for strengthening volunteering in Victoria is a culmination of all its work over the last three years, and provides a platform for future volunteering policy development and design across the volunteering community in Victoria.

The high-level framework supports the Council's vision for volunteering, where "Volunteers are engaged, supported and valued, and undertake their roles in a volunteering community that is effective, sustainable and valuable to all Victorians".

The framework is the final official product from the Council and outlines the outcomes, enablers and priority areas to support, engage and build Victoria’s volunteering community.

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Priority ideas: Strengthening volunteering in Victoria

In addition to the framework, the Council has provided its Priority Ideas: strengthening volunteering in Victoria report to government.

The report completes the Council’s work to provide strategic policy advice to the current government, and provides a range of potential program and policy opportunities for future consideration.


The Ministerial Council for Volunteers was established from 2015 to 2018 and was chaired by the Minister for Families and Children. The Council provided high-level independent advice to government, to inform a coordinated, whole-of-government approach to support and strengthen the volunteering sector.


Members of the Council were appointed to the Council for their experience covering a wide range of volunteering perspectives. A representative from Volunteering Victoria acted as Advisor to the Council and provided advice to support the Council's objectives.